What? You’re On Wattpad?


What - You are On Wattpad

Yes, I may be way too old to learn new tricks, but that won’t stop me trying.

It happened like this. I read a blog article, or three, about Wattpad, and immediately thought it was a site for young people with smartphones in hand, reading little chapter by chapter romance or paranormal series. Not for me of course, as I am not at all an author who would be on a young iPhone porting reader’s radar.

That was a few days ago, but then today I thought I would take another look at Wattpad. The biggest surprise I got when I tried to set up an account, was to see a warning, in BIG red letters, which said that my email address was already registered. Odd?

So I tried again, but this time I ignored the BIG red letter warning and used a password I use quite often. Yes I know, I should have impossible to remember passwords that are different for every site I use, but with my memory, that’s asking way too much of me. Anyway, my too often used password worked! And blow me down, when I accessed my profile details on Wattpad, it told me I had been a member since 2009! What? Well, there’s perfect proof of my memory, as I had no idea I had ever registered.

So, once I had made this remarkable discovery, I looked at the modest profile details I had obviously entered all those years ago, and freshened them up a little. Then I looked at my account details and was pleased to see that I had gathered three whole followers over my years of inactivity.

I was about to click close and end my new Wattpad adventure at this point, but for some strange reason, I decided to have a little crack at it, and post one of my books, which is a complete oddity amongst my books because it is about a vampire. Once I got a handle on how to add a book, I suddenly realised that I could only add a small part of it because of the restrictions placed on my books by Amazon KDPS. Anyway, I got the cover up, a short description and a good chunk of the first chapter.

Right! Done. Let’s get out of here.

Before I could click close, I got a notification saying that someone had followed me. What? Three followers since 2009, and suddenly I get another one after adding one little book extract? That’s a 25% increase in followers!

You got it. I went to work immediately and added a few more books, while my poor dog waited impatiently for his afternoon walk. He was understanding about it when I explained the importance for the delay.

So, to wrap up my little story about my day today, yes, I’m on Wattpad and be damned if I’m too old to be there. I am!

See! Old dogs can learn new tricks.

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