The Family Tree – Genealogy and My Cocker Spaniel

Yalla pedigreeI wonder how many of us know our maternal great-grandmother’s maiden name. For that matter, I think I would have a problem remembering my wife’s maiden name. Unless you are a genealogy genius, it would surprise me if there are too many ‘family tree’ experts out there. As each generation passes, our knowledge of our family seems to disappear.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if the power of the internet could come to our aid and, with just one click, produce a full family tree? Simply enter your name and click ‘Build My Family Tree,’ and within microseconds, you have all the names and details of your ancestors dating back centuries. Yes, it would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist yet.

Well, not for us humans. But somewhat surprisingly this wonderful genealogical tool does exist on the internet already for some lucky souls.

French-born English Cocker Spaniels!

Yes, if you are lucky enough to be a French-born English Cocker Spaniel, you can have your entire family tree dating back centuries. Fully formatted and print-ready in microseconds.

As you can see from the attached ancestral chart of my little pup, it is very impressive. By the way, I only stopped at the seventh generation so I could fit the image on this blog post.

If you happen to be one of those fortunate French-born English Cocker Spaniels, click here to get your family tree.

Now that really is harnessing the power of technology.

6 thoughts on “The Family Tree – Genealogy and My Cocker Spaniel”

  1. byathreadthebook

    Actually, my maternal great-grandmother's maiden name is Meisl; thanks for asking!

    But, thanks to the Internet, prior to publishing my novel last year I spent 2 years assembling my paternal family tree on to the tune of 32,000+ names! Through the collaborative work of others there I'm linked to over a million people.

    If you're serious about genealogy, is great site to check out.

  2. Asboth.

    And genealogy is one of those hobbies that could take a lifetime in and of itself. There aren’t enough hours in the day! I had to set my aside my search so I could focus on my writing.

    As for the dogs, well, only one of three could we maybe find lineage on; the others are what Grandpa Little called ‘Heinz 57’ (which I suppose may be lost on non-Americans…sorry!).

  3. Crafty Green Poet

    I don’t think I know my maternal great grandmother’s maiden name, but my maternal grandmother was called Driver and married the son of a station master whose name was Train. Thankfully they didn’t go for a double barrelled surname!

    I’m fascinated by family history but have never really looked into mine,

  4. I bet you were ribbed mercilessly with cries of “Woo woo, here comes the train” by your school mates Craft Green Poet. I had a mate who’s surname was Woodcock. Needless to say his nickname was “Timber tool”. lol :D

  5. Roosevelt Balagtas

    Many points overlooked but so far everything you wrote is excellent. All The Best ..

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