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Derek Haines the VandalNow I have to tell you that I was totally shocked yesterday. Jody Ruth very kindly nominated me for … wait for this …. The Stylish Blogger Award !

Anyone who knows me would immediately grasp the shock value here as the word ‘stylish’ is definitely one that has never ever been associated with my name – until today. Slobbish, slothish, sloppy and scruffy have always been the usual fare.

Anyway, according to Jody, the rules that go with this surprising nomination are as follows:

Rules for the Stylish Blogger Awards
Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
Jody, you’re a darlin’ ! Thank you!!
Share seven random facts about yourself.
See below.
Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
See below.
Contact the winners to congratulate them.
Ok, Will do!

So let’s get on with it then.

Seven random fact about me. (Very, very secret ones.)

1. I live on the 14th floor even though I suffer from vertigo.

2. As a boy I shook hands with Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen was busy shaking someone else’s hand so I made do with second best.

3. Most people are surprised to learn that I was in fact born beardless, but this is in fact quite true.

4. Keyboards, computers and word processors have been a boon for me because as hard as I have tired no one including myself has ever been able to read my handwriting.

5. My writing career started late in life. (Refer to random fact number 4 for the reason why.)

6. My artistic bent started at an early age. After a very short Play-Doh stage I moved rapidly into drawing, then painting, then photography followed by a long musical stage before taking on serious head-down writing. However, if this writing stage doesn’t work out and lead to fame and fortune, I’ve still got pottery and sculpture up my sleeve.

7. Although I can eat absolutely anything at all from ants through to zebra liver, I just can’t get risotto or marzipan past my lips. Just the thought of these two nasties makes my stomach turn.

And now for my nominees: (click on name to see their blog)

Debbi Mack My Life on the Mid-List: Because Debbi was one of the first writers I ran into who was down to earth and a barrel of fun. He blog is a great read.

Leslie Moon Moondustwriter’s Blog: The coolest poet this side of Neptune and Pluto. She has also been known to hang out with Milo Moon which makes her very brave too.

Mary Tabor Sex After Sixty: All I can say is you must visit Mary’s blog and add it to your favourites immediately.

Valerie Brooks Variantly Val: Mae West has reincarnated and and has taken a new name of course. Val! Come up and see her sometime.

Charlie Courtland Bisty Bling Books: The absolute number one and only, bestest book reviewer and writer around. Simple as that.

Last note. Yes, I know my five nominations are all lovely ladies, but unfortunately for my many male blogging friends, this nomination is about style, so it counted you guys out. Well, except for me that is.
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8 thoughts on “Stylish Blogger Award”

  1. Tracy Tidswell

    I shook hands with Prince Philip when I was 6! And I was also born without a beard. This is uncanny.
    Yours sincerely, your twin x

  2. Wow, Derek! Of all the things to have my blog nominated for, I wouldn't have begun to imagine stylish would be one of them. :)

    But thank you very much! I'll have to consider who to nominate and post my nominations as soon as I can.

    PS: I, too, was born without a beard. Coincidence? Hmmm …

  3. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason

    Does this mean that we now have to prostrate ourselves in your exulted presence mi lord?
    If so – fat chance mate.
    Seriously Derek – congratulations. :))

  4. SchriBlur Mayirp

    I'm sure I'm saying this because I'm very happy today and I don't even know if it's true. In short: IGNORE anything I'm going to say. I think scruffy is cute! :)

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