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Fun With Words and Playing With Writing

Have fun with your words

Writing always seems to be such a serious business. Novels, articles, technical documents, journalism plus one hundred other serious applications of this worthiest of arts.

Being a pedantic member of the grammar police and spelling firing squad, I also take my métier very seriously. Paying strict attention to my use of each part of speech in its correct form and ensuring I keep my register under strict control.

Well, except for today because today I feel like having complete and utter nonsensical fun with words.

Ready? Well, ready or not, here we go!

Maxwell Miser mixed metaphors most Monday mornings – mainly mundane – mostly mashed.

Annie Appleseed alliterated all autumn and added anxious appendages – almost accurately  – always anonymously.

Vera Villawood viciously vexed via verbs vowed vehemently – various verses – very vulgar.

Granny Greystoke’s grunted grumblings got Graham’s grammar going – great gregarity –  gobbledygook gone.

Dotty Doubletake delved deep disturbing daunted Dick’s deplorable diphthongs – deft diction – discourse done.

Abbie Butler came down early Friday getting horribly irritated, joining Karen Lopez, mainly now openly placing quiet rumours saying Thomas used very weird XHTML, you zaftig! – Alphabet Soup!

Ok, are you ready? Your turn now!

6 thoughts on “Playing With Writing”

  1. My daughter, Kaitlyn (who is 11) can give you a run for your money here, Derek. Here is her contribution…

    My Mum makes me munch my Mini M & M’s on a Monday Morning, mmm mmm!!

    And mine…

    Soaked silly Sally, saddened — some say, sodden, slid slowly, sighing scornfully

    Hmm, I think my daughter may be better at this than me. :-)

  2. anna-rose phipps

    Phwoar frimples make pedantic tinkles
    seem moderately skimpy in silky simples.
    And i hope you enjoyed hot bangers
    bonking beautiful beers,
    straight from the ice chest.

    Bring it on, said the tit to the tom.


  3. Fun? FUN? Those clever alliterations are hard work and not at all fun to create, so I’m picking up my toys and leaving because I don’t do creative. Give me a nice page of technical writing and I’m a happy girl. (That is until one of my alternate personalities takes over. They’re very creative and way cooler.) Thanks for making me feel unworthy. Okay, now I’m leaving.

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