I Am Not

No contraction posible for amnt, amn’t, aint and ain’t.

While some may not know, I don’t have a reputation for positivity.

This is not to say I don’t like positivity, it’s just that it isn’t as much fun. For one thing, positive sentences aren’t as long as short non-negative ones. Secondly, positive sentences don’t let you use the fun apostrophe nearly as much except for possessives.

In search of a less formal first person contracted negative, and greater use of apostrophes perhaps, none other than Shakespeare himself experimented with the versions amnt, amn’t, aint and ain’t. I don’t wish to enter that realm of experimentation, but it doesn’t bode well that since his time no one has succeeded.

There is of course resistance to negativity and I don’t believe it is fair that the word ‘doesn’t’ is treated so badly by songwriters in particular. ‘She don’t love me no more’, may fit the music measure, but is a disgrace to continually downgrade this beautiful negative auxiliary verb. This kind of ‘made to fit music English’ shouldn’t be tolerated. But then again, it ain’t so bad I suppose as it is a double negative at least.

Speaking of double negatives, as it isn’t well known, but I don’t think they receive the acclaim that they deserve. I mean, I don’t know nothing really, but they don’t sound half bad. Don’t you agree?

Well, I won’t take up no more space with this topic as it isn’t what I was thinking about anyway. Now? I can’t remember what it was or wasn’t that I was going to or not going to write about today. Ah. Grammar, was it not?

5 thoughts on “I Am Not”

  1. lol I can always count on you to put a smile on my face. Thanks! :)


  2. Kristy K. James

    I think I should have tried a little harder to get that nap in this afternoon… :)

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