Louis -The Life Story Of A True Spy by Derek Haines

Louis by Derek HainesLouis

No one wants to be a spy. Circumstances create spies. For a young innocent boy, there was no choice. He was born to be a spy. This is the story of Teremun who begins life in Cairo and becomes my friend Louis in a small country town in Australia sixty years later.

It is a story I have been wanting to tell for more than forty years. A story of a man who lived, and then disappeared from all memory. I felt this was unworthy of a man who had sacrificed his life for what he believed to be right. Not that he always was, but in his heart, he lived a life true to his morals and had an understanding of a side of life we will never know.

Two world wars shaped his life as they did for many others. However, Louis moved through them, between them and after them as a chameleon. Ever changing and ever re-inventing himself. He was a man of secrets. Both in his work and in his life. He was a man who had few friends, but a plethora of faceless enemies. Above all, he was a human who lived an extraordinary life. A life that should not be forgotten.

What readers say about Louis.

“This novel definitely held my interest. Lots of twists and turns. Filled with interesting characters. Reading this book was time well spent.”

“Gripping and swift reading all around. “

“As a spy, he had to kill and also be a target. We feel his triumphs and his pain as we travel with Louis.”

“Suffice to say, if you don’t feel you have read a great tale told well when you reach the last page, then quite frankly you seriously need help.”

“Louis” is un-put-down-able. It is a more realistic version of James Bond. The protagonist is someone that it is impossible not to care about. Louis could have penned Green Day’s “I Walk Alone”. The ending was surprising.

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