A Dog’s Tale

Yalla 11A dog may not be able to talk, but boy, do they have the power of thought, reasoning and an uncanny ability to negotiate successfully. I am the proud owner of an 18-month-old English Cocker Spaniel, who is a master of cunning, manipulation, and generally getting what he wants.

Being a spaniel, though, almost all of his logic, decisions, and observations are made via his nose. This makes for some interesting views on his part about the world around him. As you can see from his eyes, he is also very determined and has a way of making sure his wants are noticed.

So come for a short walk with us and get to know my best mate, Yalla. By the way, Yalla is Arabic for ‘let’s go’, so his name kills two birds with one stone.

‘C’mon Yalla! Time for a walk.’
‘Oh yeah. I’ve been telling you that for an hour already. Don’t feel like it now.’
‘C’mon. Let’s go.’
‘Where’s the biscuit?’
‘Come here!’
‘Come here. Look!’
‘Idiot. What took you so long. Yum!’
‘Alright, let’s go. Whoa! Heel!’
‘Come on! Hurry up. Do I have to drag you everywhere?’
‘I know my name stupid, so why ….. hey what’s that? That leaf wasn’t there yesterday. Hmmm? Nope, not marked. Ok, left or right leg cock? Just one more spin. Ahhh, that’s the right angle. Now, that’s marked. Let’s get moving.’
‘Yalla, heel.’
‘Eh, what? He really does rabbit on and … hey, what’s this? Lulu’s been here. I’ll try another angle. Yes, she was here not long ago.’
‘Yalla, let’s go!’
‘He must be joking. This is serious stuff mate! Now, let’s see. She had a good dinner by the smell of it. Better than mine. No, I idea why he puts carrots in my dinner. Oh well, right. Let’s get moving. Oh, come on. Do I have to drag you every time?’
‘Yalla, heel!’
‘Hey, that’s Ralph. Better go say hi!’
‘Yalla! No! With me!’
‘Hey, Ralph! I’m coming…… Just gotta drag this idiot with me.’
‘Alright, slowly.’
‘Ralph! Ralph! Coming…….. Hey Ralph, you smell good. Where’ve you been? The compost heap huh. Lucky you. Oh, and you’ve caught up with Lulu’s news as well huh?’
‘C’mon Yalla, let’s go.’
‘I haven’t finished chatting with Ralph yet.
‘Let’s go!’
‘Alright, Ralph. Nice chatting. Catch up soon….. Yeah, dinner time? Me too. …. Ok, I’m ready. Come on then!’ 
‘Yalla! Slow down!’
‘No way José ! It’s dinner time. Gotta get back fast.’
‘Come on! Come on! Dinner time! Dinner! Dinner! Food! Food! Food!’
‘Ok, slow down.’
‘Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Food! Food! Come on! Stop dragging the chain.’ 
‘Ok Yalla. Just wait til I’ve opened the doo…’
‘Right gotta dash to the kitchen. Here we are. I’ll just give the fridge door a good scratch to make sure he’s still concentrating.’
‘Yes. Ok. alright.’
‘Move it. Move it! Do I have to give your foot a good nip?
‘That was a nice walk, wasn’t it Yalla?
‘Oh shut up. Food! Food! Food!’
‘Here you are ….’
‘Gulp, gulp, gulp ….ahhh! Now, is that all?
‘That was fast.’
‘Oh shut up, I’m tired.’

7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Tale”

  1. Couldn’t stop smiling as I read this guys. Both of you made me laugh. Now attack Derek’s slippers Yalla – good lad, nice one lol. :D

  2. Walking dogs is just like this, we’ve got three and I couldn’t begin to keep up with all their nonsense. Well funny read.

  3. Loved it! You could not have made this any better or funnier even if you’d made it up.

    Don’t you think it is time that Yalla had his own blog?

  4. Okay. I think you oughta clarify something. YOU own HIM? ;) Na. Mutual ownership??

  5. With my cats, I always wonder who really owns who. :p Sounds like he has you well trained!

  6. Darlene Steelman

    :) That was great… I like the “why do I have to drag you” parts… Very well put together.


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