Taboo TopicsAs a child I was always reminded of the social etiquette that there were taboo subjects at the dinner table. The big three of course were sex, politics and religion. Little has changed in my mind except that my dinner table has been replaced by my blog where I try to set the same rules. I must admit though that I have transgressed the polite social line on a few occasions.

When I have wandered over the line, I am immediately reminded of my folly in breaking the manners associated with polite conversation by being thumped by very vocal commenters. These three taboo subjects are probably taboo because they offer the instant possibility of a good dinner (or in my case a blog post) being wasted while the dinner guests argue their immovable points of view for hours on end.

There is just no getting away from the fact that these three subjects involve people’s firm beliefs and there is no way they will ever move from them. So therein lies the oddity of it all. No one will ever change their views, so why the need to argue about them? No one will ever take an ounce of notice of you if they began by disagreeing with you. I suppose the same could be said for football too.

Anyway, this was not the main point of my post. The reason I started thinking about this was after scanning a whole list of social media profiles. Amazing what people say about themselves. Some funny, some academic, some quite boring and others, well, there are always idiots in every crowd. But there were three categories of social media profiles that really caught my attention by the sheer quantity of them. Political persuasion, religious belief, and sexual preference slapped front and centre. Yup, the big three social no no’s from the dinner table.

Quite honestly, I really don’t want to know what you do in the privacy of your bedroom, or the privacy of a voting booth and I have absolutely no interest whatsoever that you are atheist, Christian, Muslim or a card carrying Scientologist. Surely there must be far more interesting aspects to these people other than the three taboos?

Well, there we go. I supposed I’ll get thumped now.

Sex, Politics and Religion

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