Lard de Begnins

Lard de begninsI can recall the first time I tried Lard de Begnins, just a few days after I arrived in Switzerland over ten years ago now. My wife and I were staying at a friend’s house just a stone’s throw from a small butchery owned by Phillipe Grange. Although a specialist grump even on his better days, Mr Grange went about slicing my first small portion of his special Lard Grillé for me.

How was I to know how famous these little slices of pork delight were? And of course completely unaware of the fame of Mr Grange. If there is a taste that can transport one to paradise, this Begnins speciality must be the closest to making possible. Delicate, sweet, delightfully tender and mildly, and of course secretly, spiced. In the years I have been living in Switzerland, any special occasion, party or dinner with friends necessitates a visit to Begnins to make sure there is Lard de Begnins aplenty to serve with apéro.

Just a few days ago, my wife showed me a blog post by David Lebovitz from Paris, and lo and behold he had visited Begnins and was telling the world about our little secret. Mr Lebovitz was clearly of the same opinion as he opens his post with this line.

‘Everyone once in a while – and I could likely count the number of times on one hand – I’ve put something in my mouth that silenced me.’
I won’t try to compete with the wonderful images Mr Lebovitz has included in his post. Just click here and view his wonderful photos.

So now the secret is out and if you are ever venturing this way you just have to visit the butchery of Phillipe Grange in Begnins.

7 thoughts on “Lard de Begnins”

  1. Do You know where my place of origin is? the swiss one is Eysins sur Nyon VD, so I do agree with your choice. Have you tried the saucisson vaudois avec son pappet?. The BEST ever…

  2. Yes Natalie. And I can see Eysins from my window! As for saussice aux choux and pappet, we had it for our wedding!

  3. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason

    Derek Haines, you are a cruel, cruel man – YOU'VE MADE ME HUNGRY! :)

  4. "Loss, Limbo & Life" seems interesting. I'll try to preview again. poemsbyme on twitter. ;)

  5. Cheri Allbritton

    Oh my gosh, bacon is the most awesome meat ever no matter what sexy sounding name it is called. Those photos were…so so, I can no longer speak or type. A BLT is calling my name.

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