I Love My Apple iWatch

My Apple iWatchUnlike the impatient millions of credit card at the ready Apple freaks around the world, I do not need to wait for a single minute, or waste my money, to experience the joy and wonder of Apple’s new marvel, the iWatch. Nor do I have to pay out between $350 and $24,000 to make myself look like a totally fashion and fad driven idiot to enjoy all the benefits that comes with this miraculous, ‘ohI didn’t know I even needed one of these bloody things‘, iWatch. Why, because I have had a decent iWatch in my pocket for eight years now. In addition, unlike the (can you believe this?) new gold $24,000 iWatch model, I can read my ebooks on mine!

When Steve Jobs gave us the iPhone in 2007, I was so relieved. At last, I had no need whatsoever to wear a watch anymore, because my iPhone became my fabulous little fob watch in my pocket. It was such a relief. No more watch bands and batteries to replace every year. But Steve was only so half right. No one reads anymore, and no one needs a watch.

If Steve was alive now, I wonder what he would say to convince the world to buy this new twist on consumer society silliness? ‘Um, yes well it seems people do read a lot again, and they will probably enjoy doing so now on their new iWatch …. um….with our new iMagnifying Glass ….. which, um, will be available in the Fall.

Rest easy Steve. It’s not your sell now.

Forget the insane hype. If you would like to enjoy all the wonders of the new Apple iWatch right now, and on the cheap, I suggest you do as I have done. Invest in an elastic band. Or better still, a whole ten cents for bag of different coloured elastic bands, so you can mix and match as your daily fashion tastes change.

And if you really feel like showing off the time, big time, buy even bigger elastic bands and strap your iPad Mini to your upper arm, and show the world that you are ‘really into time, man, and that you also really love reading ebooks‘.

iWatch? iWhat? iGiveup! Has the world really gone this mad?

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