I Can’t Do Sex

One of my abysmal failings as a writer has to be the fact that I just don’t do sex at all well. Every time I get to a situation that could well call for a little steam, I tend to get it over and done with as quickly as possible and move on with the story. Now I know that for some of my readers, this can sometimes prove a little frustrating. A bit of a tease with no climax as such.

Well, the fact of the matter is that I do write steamy scenes. I couldn’t tell you how many I have written. But then I seem to always tear them up, or if they do survive in the first draft, they get the chop in the first edit. I always seem to feel that they are a little too graphic and then become a distraction from the main storyline. Or perhaps I lack that sensual touch. (I lie, in fact. One of my books does get into it. But I won’t tell you which one as my children might be reading this.)

The same seems to happen when gratuitous blood is called for. Juicy murders with hours of bleeding, suffering, and agony just seem to be beyond me. Tools of torture and hideously cruel pages of suffering get chopped and replaced with a swift kick to the groin. Yes, I know. I should be ashamed.

But then again, I think I do a great job of describing trees, people’s eyes, and cats with incredibly clever adjectives. Can’t do everything well, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Do Sex”

  1. I know what you mean, but have the opposite problem. I'm not saying my writing is great or anything, but I would like to learn to tone things down. As it, I tend to write the graphic…thrusting, penetrating, texture, taste…on and on about the sexual act. I get the impression if I can somehow hint without taking away might I have a greater market. Eroticism seems so limited.

  2. Trying to strike a happy middle road situation between 'necessary to the story',and,'gratuitous', is a problem for all writers Derek. What is acceptable depends on the country in which your book is being read as well. Not an easy thing to try to balance. I feel your pain over this problem…

  3. Hi Derek, Although I enjoy a good romance story, I am not a big fan of sex, sex, sex (in a novel) lol… If people want hot and steamy sex scenes, they can go to the hot and steamy sex scenes section of the book store. If there is a spot in one of your books where sex is necessary, just write a sexually explicit excerpt. You can do it! Write fast and get it over with. lol

    With regard to the blood and guts stories, I love a good mystery, but I do not like chop em all up for no good reason reads. I was never a fan of "The Chain Saw Massacre."

    Sex sells, but so do you. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's working!

    I love your style and your musings. You are a master at your game!

    Love and Respect,

    P.S. To each his own and I respect authors of all genres.

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