I Am An Award Winning Bestselling Author

I Am An Award Winning Bestselling AuthorOf course, I am a bestselling author

Why? Because I sell ebooks.

Well, let’s get a little bit real here. I do sell books and ebooks, but not in the thousands, or even hundreds. In the tens would be closer to the truth. But will this stop me blowing my trumpet on social media? Certainly not!

Making an impression on social media is the main game now for authors, so I have decided to compete and compete with gusto.

Ok, so let me list my bestselling and award-winning achievements for you, so you can judge for yourself as to my credentials.

I’ll start with the bestselling bit

I have had numerous number one bestselling ebooks on Kindle!

Numerous? Yes, more than one number one at least.

Well, they were for free ebooks, and I had to belt the crap out of social media and pay for a pile of advertising for it to happen, but hey, numero uno is numero uno, huh?

I have screenshots that are undeniable proof of my free bestselling success. Well, somewhere. Let me check my backup drive.

I also sell ebooks (almost) every day, and sometimes in markets other than the US, so hey, that must qualify as being an international bestselling author. Ok, only in the UK, but that’s international enough to claim the title, isn’t it?

I did once sell an ebook in Italy, but I have a feeling this was by someone on holidays in Italy from the US or the UK. But I don’t care. That’s INTERNATIONAL!

Ok, so there you go. What more proof do you need? I am an international bestselling author.

Now for award winning

Of course, I have awards.

In fact, I have many. Firstly, I have an award for Red Cross First Aid. I got this certificate when I was nine. Soon after, I was awarded an intermediate certificate for backstroke. This is especially exciting, as I qualified by doing six laps in the ocean and not simply in a swimming pool.

Later in life, I was awarded and apprentice of the year prize. This came with a big reward. I got a free trip to Sydney, to get drunk with a guy who won he same award from another state.

So hell yes! I am award-winning.


There you go. What more proof do you need to understand that I am an international, award-winning, bestselling author?

I read the New York Times and USA Today, from time to time, so should I add these to my bestselling title as well?

Probably not, as I do have some shame.

So ok, it’s not a lot of proof, but it’s more than most international, award-winning, bestselling authors can brag, huh?

Btw, I hate pretenders.

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  1. Derek, This is thoughtful and authentic. So proud to read an author (like so many of us are), speaking from truth and with heart!


    – Dylan

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