Writing by Derek Haines

Writing and poetry by Derek Haines

The Fading of the Siren

The Fading of the Siren

The Fading of the Siren   In the mists of a new morning, Came a new and sudden dawning, To the Dreamer and the Siren as they played. Their game of metaphors, Was over now because, All fears and defences were allayed. Their trust had grown strong, And now they could belong, To each other, in […]

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Forevermore His heart missed a beat, As he leapt to his feet, As his Siren appeared at the door. Their eyes met at once, And their hands reached to touch, This was the moment they had both yearned for. For months they had talked, Through their lives they had walked, They both knew each other

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nineteen roses

Nineteen Roses

Nineteen Roses  Nineteen roses we planted with care, To bloom in front of our dream. We worked as a team, to plant red, yellow and cream, And nurtured them through their first year. Daily we checked on their health and their needs, And sprayed and pruned and fed. Watered and weeded, and cut blooms as

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