The End of a Book

As a writer there is nothing I love more that burying myself in my characters and plot. Clacking away on my keyboard and leaving the real world do what it wants. Sometimes I can lose myself for hours on end and forget to eat and drink. However, there comes a time when the story telling

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An Amazing Lady

My Memories of Doris

It is rare that we are totally honest. Either with others or ourselves. This does not mean that we are all habitual liars. It is just that we all have a tendency to either leave things unsaid, omit information or create impressions or personas that are just a little false. We like to fit and

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The Beautiful Adverb

By far the most useful and beautifully flexible part of speech just has to be the wonderfully versatile adverb. It can not only describe a verb and an adjective but even another adverb. How incredibly super cool is that? How can a part of speech do something to itself? Look at the complexity of adverb

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