CryptidsI was a guest here at The Vandal not so long ago when we were promoting our first charity anthology, Resistance Front. Now we have a second antho due to come out called Carnival of Cryptids.

It features 7 stories by independent authors, including yours truly, with each one focusing on a specific cryptid.

Best-selling Independent author Bernard Schaffer writes the interconnecting links in-between each story. He acts as guide from one to tale to another. In the same way that Resistance Front was produced in the same vein as Dangerous Visions, Carnival of Cryptids reads very much like The Twilight Zone (with Bernard filling in for Rod Sterling). There’s a good mix of cryptids, too, with Alien Big Cats, Sasquatch, and Sea Serpents to name a few.

Is it a better anthology than Resistance Front? Yes. Despite the lack of big names like Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster this time around, we all feel we have a tighter more focused anthology.

With every penny going to the National Centre For Missing And Exploited Children ( we’re really hoping to make this anthology more of a success than the first time around. Resistance Front is a great anthology, and worth every penny, but we want to raise as much as possible. We’re ever mindful that with each anthology, we have to up our game.

With Carnival of Cryptids we have.

If you’d like to show your support, you can follow @KindleAllStars on Twitter, contact us directly via email at KindleAllStars where all help with promotion is welcome, or you can keep an eye on my site ( where I will announce Carnival of Cryptids the minute it is available.

Tony Healey

PS – A big thank you to Derek for allowing me to be a Vandal again!

Writers Helping The National Centre For Missing And Exploited Children
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