OoopsCyberspace really does have some warp fields, time shifts and black holes.

Just as Captain Kirk and the SS Enterprise discovered, each new answer just brings a whole bunch of new questions to keep the series going. New characters from time to time, plus the regular group to make one feel comfortable. A dash, but not too often of a bad guy or gal, just to balance the universe. Somedays comfortably cruising at warp factor one, while once in a while the temptation to give it a blast has you asking Scotty for a burst of warp factor seven, and let’s see what happens and where we end up.

Then a little hint of trouble on the horizon has you reaching for the security of your force field shields. Usually just a tad late though, and some strange creature manages to teleport itself onto your bridge seconds before your force fields are up or your coffee is ready.

So what has all this nonsense got to do with me?

Very little in fact, it was just that when I started to write this blog, I wrote the title, got interrupted, and then when I got back to it I had a Star Trek moment. So now I need to find a cunning way to combine the two in the rest of this blog post to make it look like I know what I am doing. I will probably have to use some similes and a few Spock – Haines personality comparisons. Well, I suppose I would start with the ears.

Or I could ignore what has happened and do a select all – delete. Probably the best idea. Right, here we go!

Oh damn. I think I hit publish by mistake. Sorry.

Will The Real Derek Haines Please Stand Up
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2 thoughts on “Will The Real Derek Haines Please Stand Up

  • 14/10/2010 at 9:40 am

    It's life Derek, but not as we know it…

  • 15/10/2010 at 1:14 pm

    Here's hoping you're not wearing a "Red Shirt" on Star Trek bud! *chuckling*

    Oh, and it's the USS Enterprise… (not SS).

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