Sherlock Holmes

I am sure we all have our mind’s eye image of a spy. I have included a few of my favourites to add a bit of pizzaz to this blog entry. But back to reality.

Writing a historical spy novel is proving to be a monumental challenge for me. The idea was great, but the execution is taken me a very long time, with frequent moments of complete blockage. In fact, I have walked away from it for a week or more on a number of occasions as I try to refresh my thinking.

As it happens, I have not chosen your stereotypical spy character, so it is taking me an age to define the main character and of course, re-define as time passes.

Luckily, I have a very clear mental image. However this needs constant reshaping as the story covers a complete life time in multiple cultural environments. My original character list has grown so much, I seem to be returning to re-write earlier sub-plots continuously to keep the story tight. Of course, as it is historical, I seem to lose days and days to research of the most trivial details trying to keep my story line and historical situations accurate.

My original plan was to complete this novel towards the end of this year. At the rate I am going, I might need to move that deadline forward by a few months, or years!

After this project, whenever that will be, I think I might return to a new satyrical essay to clear my brain. Either that or concentrate an clever Twitter utterings. But that is all some way off.

Back to the grind for now.

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