blog feedsI was looking for some inspirational idea for my blog post today, but got lost in trying to understand how to feed my blog. For those who know what this is, you probably understand my frustration. For those who don’t, here is a quick explanation.

When I post a new blog entry, the mysterious marvels of modern communication leap into action and advise anyone, everyone, and sometimes no one of my wonderful new post. Tools such as Google’s Feedburner, TwitterFeed, and numerous others send either a copy of your blog to another blog site, or send a cute little message to Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and other social networking sites saying what you have just done.

Really cool. Except for one or two little biddy things. First, how do I remember which ones I have registered with, and how do I know they are working? Additionally, I have a distinct feeling that there are feeds of my blog out there that I haven’t registered. They somehow just seem to, well, be there.

My problems today started with a blog entry of mine appearing in my Facebook page over 50 times! This, I was sure was going to annoy my friends. So I tried killing the feed. But which feed was it? A long hunt narrowed down the suspects to 2 feeds. Killing them did the trick. But then my cute little Twitter notifications disappeared as well. So it was back to the drawing board, because I really wanted my cute little Tweets. Then the problems started to multiply. Why? Because when I set up a new feed, I had no way of knowing when it was going to happen. I gather you get stuck in a queue like at the Post Office and wait your turn.

So, after 2 hours, how could I know if it was working? So I waited 6 hours. Nothing still. So a little more mucking around and I discovered that with some feeds I could put an initial or prefix on the posts. Now this would help I thought. And it did! I finally saw a fed post with a little initial. But then I had forgotten to note which feed service I had used that initial with, so I was back to square one again.

So where am I now? As with all things technical, I got completely fed up and gave away the idea with the intention of returning to it when someone can show me how to do it. Or better still, do it for me.

As every cloud has a silver lining, this one has been that I found something to blog about today. However, I have no idea whatsoever if anyone will know I wrote it. Or worse, my meddling with my feeds could result in thousands of uncontrolled and virally cute little messages annoying the hell out of this Web 2, socially networked world.

Feed? I’m going to eat a banana!

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What Do Feeds Do?
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