blogI am really starting to wonder whether my website is my blog, or my blog is my website. In recent months they have started to cross pollinate, inter-fertilise and clone themselves into a similar variety of beast. With the advent of separate pages on blogs now, it starts to set the two as competing entities.

It probably confuses things for me because I actually write my blog posts in my website software, which automatically feeds my website and then my blog. (With me so far? It’s get a bit more complicated now, so be warned.) Then, by the powers of modern day technological wizardry, my blog post appears on twelve other blogs. My hands are up in guilt! Yes, I did intentionally feed my blog to three of these sites, but the other nine are a mystery.

Then there are the magical Tweets to let my Twitter friends know that I have posted a new blog entry. And again, guilty as charged. I have two alerts set, and I manually do one or two for different time zones. But the rest? Another small mystery. Perhaps they are keyword driven bots. I don’t know. (That’s one of my new words. Bots! Don’t know what it means though.) Now I have discovered that some of my blog posts have ended up on dictionary sites. Well, I’ll never figure that one out.

Anyway, I suppose my message is that as fast as we learn how to do something, something new pops up and the learning process starts all over again. Especially in this invisible ether we call the internet.

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Website Or Blog?
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One thought on “Website Or Blog?

  • 28/02/2010 at 9:55 am

    Yes,Yes,Derek, I can see where it can all be a little confusing.
    I think that your web site is your web site and that your blog is still your blog. but questions like what's your name are difficult for me these days.
    You know that life is a constant learning experience. I think that life is "trying things" With that said Derek, you are not just existing but rather living your life. You are blessed.

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