Just spent the whole morning trying to complete all the forms necessary for the US Internal Revenue Service. This was a lot of time for someone who is not a US citizen. But apparently, as I want to sell my books and CDs on the net, I need to be registered with the IRS so I can avoid paying 30% withholding tax in the US on top of my tax obligations here in Switzerland.

I think the internet is a wonderful tool, but I am starting to wonder about it. As much as I love it, governments and agencies such as the IRS must think it is ‘Wonderland’. All the information they can gather on people. Or in my case, they do not need to gather as I will have to send it to them with the cost of my own stamp.

So what really. With biometric passports, ip addresses, credit card details, tax declarations, ID cards etc, what harm can a bit more information about me do?

I might include hair and nail clipping samples in the envelope so my DNA can be recorded.

If that isn’t ALREADY on record.

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