Have you noticed that there are two distinct forms of money? Now I don’t mean currencies like dollars, yen and francs. What I mean is that there is a countable form of money, and an uncountable form of money. (Well, sounds a bit like grammar really. Countable and uncountable nouns.)

In my own case, as I am sure it is with you, I deal in countable money. That is to say that my telephone bill, electricity bill and meagre earnings are countable. 65.75, 89.23, and -150.00. Even if I compound my life’s earnings and expenditure, I still remain in the countable form of money. The kind that is round, ‘to go ‘round’ and flat ‘to stack’.

However in the last year or so, our daily news has been delivering countless stories of uncountable money. Losses accumulated by banks now total a zillion, trillion, quadrillion megabillions. And to offset this, governments around our ever more money hungry world have been throwing zillions of trillions of quadrillions of megabillions at these poor banks in the hope that one fine day soon, these banks will be able to pay taxes of a zillion, trillion, quadrillion megabillions back to these governments.

All makes perfect sense really.

Oh! By the way and just in passing. Message to the EU and US central banks.

I am a bit short this month. Any chance of lending me 50 bucks so I can feed myself?

Two Kinds Of Money
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  • 07/07/2010 at 9:46 pm

    "The wealth of nations" author Adam smith is a great read!
    Chapter 2. Of Many considered as a particular stock in society.
    There are several sorts of paper money, but the circulation notice of banks and bankers are the species which is best known, and which seems to be best adapted for this purpose.
    BTW, Derek, You are quite the guitarist and vocalist as well. Have you considered standing on a corner with a tin can? lol :) Also, is your puppy hungry? If so, the check is in the mail.

    Kind Regards,

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