Twitter Is killing itselfTwitter is killing the enjoyment for many users.

I’ve been a Twitter user for nearly six years and for the first three or four years, was a very active and happy user. However, over the last two years, Twitter has lost its way, and I have to say that Twitter is killing itself.

A user posted a memorable Tweet once, during the days of the ‘Fail Whale’ when Twitter was in its infancy and often crashed. The Tweet read something like this. ‘When Twitter goes down, how do I get the latest news?’ This little Tweet was important because it clearly demonstrated how quickly Twitter had become important to users, and how fantastic Twitter was at delivering up-to-the-minute news and information.

At that time, I too was of the same mind and preferred Twitter as one of my main sources of news and interesting information. It was also my main medium for keeping in touch with friends by using Direct Messages. Sadly though, about two years ago all my friends slowly stopped using Direct Messages in Twitter and we all moved either back to Facebook or to emails. The reason was simple. Twitter’s Direct Messages became polluted with so much automated spam that it was impossible to find each other’s messages. The uselessness of direct messages is one of the main reasons Twitter is killing fun and functionality.

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As a news and information service, Twitter is still ok, well sort of ok. But as each day goes by, Twitter is slowly becoming less and less useful and more and more frustrating for users. It is no secret that Twitter is having trouble attracting new users, and in keeping existing users. So what is Twitter doing so wrong?

That’s the wrong question really, as to my mind, it is what Twitter isn’t doing that is the problem. I’ll keep this list of reasons why Twitter is killing itself very short.

  • Twitter does not stop automated Direct Message spam.
  • Twitter does not stop automated account creation. (Millions of eggs created per day. Probably more than the world’s population of hens lay!)
  • Twitter does not stop the creation and sale of millions of fake followers.
  • Twitter does not have a credible user support system and does not ever answer a support question with an answer. ‘Have an awesome day’, does not qualify as user support.
  • Twitter does not offer any support at all to new users.
  • Twitter does not protect user accounts from hacking.

I’ll stop my list here, but you are welcome to add your own. Suffice to say that Twitter does not know how to keep its users, but does a very good job at making the ‘Twitter Experience’ less and less attractive to them. I can see this happening for a fact, as when I do a check on my inactive followers each week, the list gets bigger and bigger, faster and faster.

I won’t be leaving Twitter, but my visits are becoming far less frequent now because, well, wading through lists of automated spam and rotten eggs just isn’t fun now, is it? Twitter is killing the very reasons to enjoy Twitter.

Twitter Is Killing Itself
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