Twitter Is Dying And It Is No SurpriseTwitter is dying, of suicide.

Recent reports about Twitter having financial and structural problems should come as no surprise. Why? Because Twitter has been working assiduously at being an ‘up itself‘ social media platform for years now, by forgetting what social media is all about.

Social media is about users and not dumb rules that no one understands.

This report in CBS Moneywatch is nothing new, but it does say that Twitter is really a very slow learner.

Twitter’s problems are not new and in fact date back to when it was a struggling little startup, with little money and even less bandwidth. This is why it had its 2,000 follower limit. That made sense way back then in 2010. But now it is dumb business practice to restrict users.

After listing on the NYSE and getting a bucketload of money, it insisted on keeping its draconian ‘Twitter Rules‘ that were designed to save bandwidth and protect a little startup, and not to encourage new users of their service. Worse in fact, as Twitter’s rules have always driven away users in droves.

Twitter’s problem has always been that Twitter confuses, annoys, dumbfounds and scares off new users in an incredibly short space of time. It has always offered the most unfriendliest of welcomes to new users. I must have been stubborn, but when I joined Twitter in 2009, it took me four attempts, a few months apart, before I finally got a grasp of what Twitter was all about. Who in their right mind would bother doing that today, when there are so many social media platform to choose from? And almost all are a hell of a lot more welcoming than Twitter.

So there lies the problem for Twitter and Jack Dorsey, the been there and let’s do it all over again Twitter CEO. Back to the future? Or back to the past?

twitter is dying slowlyOne thing Dorsey might have to understand, now that he has taken over the reins again, is that Twitter is dying because it has worked incredibly hard at killing itself. It has worked incredibly hard at pissing off new users. It has worked incredibly hard at promoting spam, auto Direct Messages, auto account creation and auto porn. It has worked incredibly hard at being anything but a social media platform. It has succeeded in becoming an auto everything, except for great content and useful information.

I love(d) Twitter. But I understand why Twitter is dying. I see it’s death approaching every day, by the fewer and fewer interactions I have with my followers. Well, my auto created, auto posting, auto spamming followers that is, because my real followers have not been as patient as me, and are now what Twitter calls ‘inactive users‘, which means that they were smart. They gave up on Twitter and went somewhere else.

Let’s see in a year if Twitter has learned anything, or whether it is destined to end up in the Internet graveyard.

The question remains: Will Twitter survive?

Twitter Is Dying And It Is No Surprise
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3 thoughts on “Twitter Is Dying And It Is No Surprise

  • 05/11/2015 at 7:32 pm

    After ignoring Twitter for nearly a year, I was restricted to the 2,000 limit on following people which I thought was absurd also. However something else happened and I’m not talking automated spam either. I followed a few people and suddenly my own following rushed to levels higher that I could have imagined. If Twitter is on a downward spiral of its own making, I will be truly sorry. For me, it’s quick, direct, and I don’t have to spend hours trying to design an impressive graphic. The only thing I dislike now is the constant “get more followers” accounts of which I have no idea how to get rid of unless I block them. And, for the life of me, I can no longer find the Direct Message icon.
    Rather than prophesy its demise, I hope for its growth. I hope.

    • 05/11/2015 at 7:46 pm

      I hope Twitter survives too, because I really do like it, If they could just do away with their silly rules that restrict user interaction and all the useless spam. As you say, ‘get more followers’ and paying for them is plain dumb. And don’t worry about Direct Messages for now, as that is where spammers are operating on an out of control basis. Another thing Twitter could fix. Well, one can hope Twitter will learn.

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