suspended form twitterRecently going through the experience of having a Twitter account suspended woke me to doing a little deeper digging into what this Twitter rage is all about. It is worth mentioning here that my suspension was triggered by un-following people who were not following me. Twitter’s self-regulation policies can be found HERE and HERE if you are interested.

So why do I say Twitter is hypocritical?

As those who use Twitter already know, there are literally thousands of programs and services that can be linked to a Twitter account. Many of these promote increasing followers with varying degrees of automation. Others allow data collection or analysis. There are also those programs that can control automatic or future tweeting with some even offering revolving text options. Then there are more for notifications for such things as blogs.

All of these can be accessed in one click by allowing access to your Twitter account. However, if you read Twitter’s rules and regulations, they clearly say they do not want users to connect to these services and suspension can follow if they are used.

So why oh why do Twitter allow this access to thousands of programs and services they regard as degrading the ‘Twitter Experience’?

Why is it permissible to spam every user with ‘White Teeth’ and prostitutes, but be suspended for removing people uninterested in my tweets?

Why is almost every place you visit on the internet offering ‘Tweeting’ via Twitter connections?

Twitter is now very big. And can only get bigger. So where will it lead? Will we all need a Twitter account soon to be able to enjoy the full internet experience? But be open to suspension at any time?

The answers to these questions are still something I am looking to find. (I did email Twitter asking some of these questions, but have received no answer.) However, in the meantime it is worth considering the power that Twitter has created very, very quickly.

It is also worth noting that Twitter is still a private company. So where is the revenue going to come from in the future? I suppose my answers will probably be found at the end of the money trail in the end.

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Twitter Hypocrisy
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