kindle booksLike all writers and authors, I have been watching the growth of e-books and Kindle in particular for many months now. In some ways, my decision, or should I say non-decision was made easy. Amazon did not accept books from non US authors, until last week that is. Not only has Amazon Kindle now decided to accept books from authors world wide, but also in French and German.

So, I had to make the decision. Would I offer my books in an e-book format?

As I currently have my titles available on Amazon, it was not that hard to decide on making my books available on Kindle. Especially as they offer DRM. (Digital Rights Management) This is not always the case with other e-book formats.

My second rationale, was that although I will always prefer reading a real book myself, and delight in the smell, feel and selection of typography and design, the world is moving forward. Many people quite clearly like the practicality and portability of an electronic reader. Another consideration for me was environmental. There is no doubt that books do need trees to be produced.

The last item in my consideration process was that famous, but yet to be announced Apple tablet. Now whether it eventuates or not, there is one thing I am certain of. In the near future Apple will offer e-books from their iTunes store. It is just so blatantly obvious for them to do so. Will this affect books in a similar manner to what iTunes has done to music delivery? The power of Apple is not in their hard products. Think about the affect they have had on mobile telephones. The iPhone is ok, but the appStore is where they have changed the market completely.

This led me to the simple conclusion. You can’t stay stuck in the mud. Either move forward, or be run over by progress.

Therefore, as of this week my books will be available on Kindle. But only Kindle for the time being. I’ll wait and see what Steve Jobs has up his sleeve before I move any further than that.

Check here if you are interested in a Kindle version of any of my books.

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To Kindle Or Not
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2 thoughts on “To Kindle Or Not

  • 22/01/2010 at 5:24 am

    Good for you, Derek! I also love print books, but made my novel available for Kindle on June 2, 2009, long before I got my Kindle for Christmas.

    To date, I've sold more than 1,200 downloads (mostly on Kindle, with a few sold through Smashwords and other sites). That's a whole lot of e-books. Many, many times more than I've sold in print.

  • 22/01/2010 at 12:22 pm

    I'm very glad you've decided to make your books available as ebooks! Though also sad that it's only for Kindle. I understand your DRM concerns. But I don't have a Kindle and until Amazon changes its philosophies I won't get one. However, if you do make your books available in another electronic format I'll be right there for the download.

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