I couldn’t believe my luck when I read this story about Barack Obama. Fancy having the most powerful man in the world on my side for a change. Alas I am not an American so I really will not have the opportunity to lobby him to bring smoking back to restaurants and bars, but it still gives me optimism that the world has not yet been totally purified and sanitised.

The other point that came to mind when I read the article was that I now understood (but only a little) the debate about health care reforms in the US. I must admit, being from Europe, it had not made much sense to me. Until now. Good old Barack is wielding his power for that other minority voting block. Smokers! What a coup for his re-election campaign. I bet the Republicans will be spewing in their soup, as they will now have to play political catch up.

All I need to read now is that Mr Kool (or is he Mr Camel or Mr Marlboro?), drinks beer! But there was no mention about ‘Bud’ in the article. Rather unfortunate, or perhaps it was just an oversight.

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The X Files: The Smoking Man (President)
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2 thoughts on “The X Files: The Smoking Man (President)

  • 05/03/2010 at 7:21 pm

    One of the first things he did was to raise taxes on tobacco (for cigs I believe it was a hike of around sixty cents a pack), an early shot over the bow of smokers here. The fact that he's one himself makes it even more hypocritical. When you consider that there are way more cigarette smokers who have an income under $250K, he was able to break his not a single cent of tax increases on anyone under $250K promise with the same stroke of his pen.

    I wouldn't cozy up to him too much. :) You'll hear what you want, but won't realize until much later that he had both hands in your pockets the whole time.

  • 05/03/2010 at 10:18 pm

    He may not have the SNL writers with pen in hand the way that George W. Bush did but I like President OBama !
    I would think that this would be the most difficult time for Mr. Obama to quite smoking and the best time to start drinking.

    My Great Grandfather who came to the U.S from Leeds England, always said that socialized medicine was the best way to go.
    I won't be commenting personally on the health care issue at this time. lol

    I figure him to be a Marlboro man.

    God bless President Obama .

    P.S. I thought the state senate raised the taxes on cigs. ?

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