What better time to introduce you to my absolute and ultimate all time favourite idiots than at the beginning of a fresh and as yet untainted new year? It is certainly not my exhaustive idiot list, as I am restricted by space here. But these are all near or at the top of my personal list. But what characteristics do they have in common that defines them in my mind as true idiots? For a start they all have or had a unique or new message to deliver to the world, but in their own very individual ways. All of them are from outside the standard mould in their professions or characterisations. Criticising them was and is very easy for people who don’t take a few moments to think. They all fought to be recognised because they were different. In many cases, very, very different. They are all examples of the court jester, buffoon or harlequin. But by no measure fools. Delivering their opinion, discovery or theory to an often ignorant, naive, biased, uninformed or selectively deaf audience. And beneath their frivolity, there is or was always a deep and meaningful message. Here is a clickable list if you would like more information about my favourite idiots. Mr Bean, Spike Milligan, Doug Naylor, Rob Grant, Charles Darwin, Charlie Chaplin, Eric Von Daniken, Douglas Adams, Cheech & Chong, Don Adams, Art Linkletter, Dame Edna Everage, Jacques Chirac, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Gomer Pyle, Albert Einstein, Jerry Lewis, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson, Liberace, Mae West, Miss Piggy, Peter Garret, Rodney Rude, Mr Squiggle, Tom Waits, Marie-Thérèse Porchet, Gilligan, Uncle Fester, Victor Borge, Steve Martin, Morticia Addams. I am sure there are many worthy idiots I have missed, but I can always start a new list! Derek’s Vandal Blog www.derekhaines.chDerek on TwitterDerek’s Author Page

The Ultimate Idiots of All Time
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