Louis by Derek HainesWhenever a writer sits down to write a book it is natural that part of the writer’s life and experience becomes blended within the story. My recently published book ‘Louis’ is a classic case of my own reality becoming fiction.

In the book, only one character’s name is real. That is my old friend, Louis Robinson. The most amazing person I have ever met in my life. In fairness to the other characters I had to change the names, relationships and lives as many are either still alive, or their children are, and I wanted to maintain their anonymity.

There were many mysteries that died with Louis in 1972, but many realities survived him. His wife is still alive and well, and the man who became the character of the small town mayor, died only very recently. In another strange twist of reality, my father was quite entwined, but as my family and I only lost him recently, he is almost hidden from the story. Then there are also some characters who achieved fame or infamy that I felt I had to rename because of the story’s fictional plot.

Of course, historically important characters such as Hitler, Mussolini, Abbas II Hilmi and the various sultans and high commissioners were important historical markers, so needed to remain unchanged.

Are there any deep and dark secrets held within the pages of this book, I hear you ask? Well, of course there are. However, they are hopefully buried deep enough that only the knowing will know. But good luck looking for them anyway.

The Secrets Behind A Story
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