murderThe power of words on a page

I’m afraid my title to this article is way out of date. It should read, the power of the keyboard. But that doesn’t quite have the same majesty or alliteration now does it?

Currently, I am in the post-latter middle stages of the first draft of my fourth book. What this means is that my head has been living each day with my main character for over six months now. He has become a rent-free boarder in my mind for so long, that I look forward to the time I can ask him politely, to leave.

It has reached a point where I can almost smell his body odour late in the day, and have to remind him about his personal hygiene. Without my encouragement, he tends to drift into laziness and just hang about my head doing nothing, waiting for my input into his life. The responsibility is starting to become tiresome.

I do have one small piece of solace though. He is going to die, but I haven’t told him about that yet. So at least I know he will, one day soon, fall off the perch and then move out of my rent free head.

In my previous books, I haven’t really killed anyone. Well, not violently anyway. I did have one character who had the misfortune of being shot dead. But I never quite got around to the details. I just sort of left the responsibility to the reader to decide if it was murder or suicide. Quite irresponsible on my part.

But in this current book, I am really having some murderous voyeuristic fun. There is nothing quite as satisfying as giving a character the skill to aim and fire a rifle so accurately that the victim is caught totally by surprise when a bullet blows out his right eye from its socket and continues its path and vitamisers his brain.

Equally exciting is having my hero shot in two places, and after taking sadistic pleasure in describing his excruciatingly painful injuries in full gory detail, I have the decency to let him survive. Well, maybe not decency. Maybe laziness on my part. It saves creating a new main character. At the moment I am working diligently on a bayonet stabbing. Trying to teach my character about upward thrust and wrist action.

So is there a point here?

Yes, there is. As with everything else I have done in my life, I am in the learning curve stage. I don’t think I will live long enough to pass this stage, but hopefully long enough to feel a slight upward tendency in the curve. Until then however, I will enjoy my learning, and have fun with murder.

The Power Of The Pen
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