WritingBeing a writer nowadays is so linked to the Internet that there is no way of escaping the need to be at least a little ‘tech’ savvy. With ebooks becoming so popular in such a short space of time, writers need to come to grips with new technologies and their application and how these interact with readers. At the same time, these technologies have opened the floodgates for so many writers and ‘wanna be writers’ that it is becoming far more difficult to be noticed in the deluge of books being published.

Now unless you are a very well known and established author, generating enough sales to make a living is going to be tough. But there are many other online income opportunities for good writers, and combined with book sales, can help generate a reasonable income. There are three main avenues a writer can consider. Blogging, articles and reviews. There are of course other means, but these three provide good opportunities.

A good blog is a great way to develop income possibilities. Firstly you have a site to promote your own books, but you can then earn income from advertising, paid posts and paid links. Of course you need to be writing great content for your blog that is informative and entertaining otherwise your traffic will dry up and so will your income streams. Keeping a good balance is the key.

The Internet needs text and lots of it, so selling articles is another way to earn money online. There are literally 1,000’s of sites that will happily publish your articles ‘for free’, but they are making money out of your writing so why give it away?  Look at good quality sites that reward you for your efforts.

Reviews are becoming big business now that the Internet is so powerful in marketing and promotion so there are many opportunities for writers to be paid for written reviews of a whole range of products and services.

Finding these opportunities is just a matter of doing a Google search, but one site (click here) I have found does give a good list of some of the sites that pay for writing in one form or another so it’s a good place to start.

The Online Writer
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  • 28/09/2011 at 3:45 pm

    There is another very handy source of writing outlets Derek – Duotrope.

    They list paying and non-paying lists which are regularly updated. they also list Market Updates, giving you the gen on what is what. Check them out at:




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