Jeremy ClarksonI’m not a Jeremy Clarkson lover at all, but his popularity is easy to pinpoint. He refuses to bow to political correctness, which society has impolitely imposed on the rest of us. We all say, (and post) all the politically correct stuff. But is it really what we think? Or are we simply obeying the rules? Being a macho, rev head, big mouth and tosser may be out of politically correct fashion, but there are millions who watch him every week. Why? Because Clarkson represents what they believe… but dare not say themselves. He is their release, their Top Gear clown.

But now it seems that his masters are ready to sack him for his litany of crimes, which when listed, make for more laughs than Jeremy himself could muster from his motor mad audience.

Firstly, he was forced to make a humble apology for his poetic adaptation of, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, which by the way was only an out take and did not make it to air. The problem here was not in what he said, but what was in what everyone knows. We were all taught this little rhyme as children, so it was in us knowing what we thought he was going to say that was his crime, and not in what he said.

Secondly, the angle, or the slope on a bridge. Even though Richard Hammond says,’ it’s definitely higher on that side,’ the world of BBC puritans found another strike, and the basis to say Clarkson was on his final warning.

And now, the last strike has been struck. Clarkson didn’t get a decent meal after a long day at work, and there was an altercation between him and his producer.

It’s hardly surprising that Jeremy is a bit annoyed about all of this, and his blasting broadside at the BBC is no surprise.

So it seems all bridges, angled, sloping or higher on one side, have been burnt between Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC.

This has a certain similarity here to another ‘bigger than the bosses‘ character, Kevin Pietersen, a famous English cricketer, who was sacked from the English cricket team on similarly heinous crimes, such as whistling, and gazing out the window at team meetings.

I suppose these two examples of the consequences of ruffling the feathers of the English establishment prove one thing. The world loves a clown, but that those who employ them can’t see the humour, even when they are raking in millions from the popularity of their employees such as Clarkson and Pietersen.

It all sounds a bit, cutting off one’s nose to spite your face, don’t you think?

The Laughable Crimes Of Jeremy Clarkson

6 thoughts on “The Laughable Crimes Of Jeremy Clarkson

  • 21/03/2015 at 2:24 pm

    He has jumped the Peugeot with this latest escapade. There have been plenty of capable presenters before and there will be some afterwards. To keep him now, would ultimatly kill the franchise as well. What anti bullying campaigner will want to be associated with them after this debacle? And what about the disrespect shown to the other two current presenters? No one even mentiones them! The show is so much more that that man’s infantile babbling.

    The filming of the car sequences is sublime, the mise en scène, the sound, the editing, are done with so much effort and love by so many, that is would be more than time to give them the credit they deserve. Not Jezza.

    And as Own Jones so eloquently put it in the Guardian
    ( ) “It’s about basic fairness. If he remains, a lesson will be taught that if you are well connected and wealthy, you can do as you please. In the same position, you or I would be sacked, and so should he.”

    I agree.

    • 21/03/2015 at 3:15 pm

      Yes, it’s easy to forget about Richard Hammond and James May, along with whoever The Stig is now, plus probably 100 more people who produce Top Gear. They will all suffer very badly from this. In the end, this is a battle of big egos, and there is always a lot of collateral damage when that happens.

  • 21/03/2015 at 6:02 pm

    Clarkson writes the scripts, devised the format and put it together with other great talent.. There are lots of things which I find irritating about the show and him but sacking him and ending their most successful show is beyond stupidity. The show is a success because of him, love him.or loathe him they are giving away a successful product over nothing. We pay for the BBC and they are ending a £50 million + a year product for what?

    • 21/03/2015 at 8:24 pm

      Couldn’t agree more, Stephen. I sense a similar result for the BBC as the ECB has suffered for sacking Kevin Pietersen. A humiliation of the English cricket team at the World Cup, simply because no one in positions of authority had the ability to manage a person of extreme talent. Perhaps it’s as simple as the English class system at work in both instances? No Eton, no chance. No matter the cost.

  • 21/03/2015 at 10:55 pm

    Were this any other country where a poky little motoring show on a 2nd ran television station was raking in 5.5 million watchers per week, the presenter, scriptwriter and powerhouse behind the whole production, would be treated like a star. But this is England and the employer is the BBC; a public funded company, run by men appointed by God. So the presenters stay in crappy pubs and hotels, they eat on the hoof and get tooled around by producers with more acne than qualifications, everything takes twice as long because they employ more staff to ensure no lesbian fair trade Muslim frogs are harmed during the filming than competent producers. I recently supplied props to an Indy film company filming a crowd funded ‘straight to DVD’ production. Filming began and finished on time and hot meals were provided on site with two choices of main and a vegetarian option; it’s not that difficult.
    So Clarkson had a barny with the producer which resulted in a punch being thrown. Big deal that’s just men letting off steam, not bullying. Bullying is a systematic and sustained attack on a vulnerable individual by another individual, body or organisation. Bullying is not a fuse blowing after a series of stressful events when tempers are frayed, bullying is ugly and evil, losing one’s temper occasionally is just part of being human.
    John Prescott belted someone and got away with it, Wayne Rooney makes a habit of it.
    My solution? Let the law sort it out. The producer makes a complaint, if upheld Clarkson will get his collar felt and Oisin Tymon gets an undisclosed figure in damages and can sell his story to the tabloids.
    Who is suffering now? We are; the millions of Top Gear fans who are losing out over this quintessentially English Blue blood flexing of muscles and old school ties. To me, this is the clearest example yet of how corrupt the establishment of this country has become. As Clarkson himself said; we are just ‘plankton’ to these ‘old school whales’. Nothing has changed since Lord Lucan murdered his maid and then had his powerful friends spirit him away. Clarkson will just follow Ross to ITV, the ‘blue bloods’ will get some chap they were at Eton with to make a show about art galleries produced by a fine fellow one met at Cambridge and everyone will be happy, except the license fee payer.

    • 21/03/2015 at 11:13 pm

      It is all such a waste, Nick. But at the end of this toffy nosed BBC tripe, Jeremy Clarkson will have so many offers to consider, he will be ‘eeny, meenying’ all the way to the bank. And with decent hot meals included!

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