The Vandal Blog Tracey AlleyYou’ve probably all read those funny posters about Mothers being taxi drivers, doctors, referee’s, therapists etc etc. Well I’ve been thinking of making one of my own about Indie Authors. The assumption [and believe me I’m coming to learn it’s just an assumption] is that if you’re traditionally published then all you have to do is sit back and write the next bestseller. Well that’s wrong and it’s even more wrong if you happen to be an Indie Author.

We have to be sales experts, marketing experts, social networking experts etc etc. You can’t, unfortunately, just push the publish button and sit back and wait for the millions [yeah I can dream] to roll in – oh no, you have to work for it and darn hard. I can’t speak for the entire Indie community obviously but I know quite a few and I know the amount of effort they spend every day in marketing their books. You have to get your name out there. This involves an enormous amount of time. Doing interviews, doing reciprocal interviews, searching out reviewers, begging for reviews once you find them, interacting almost constantly on various social networks.

Tell me, how, in all of this activity – which, by the way I’m very, very bad at – am I supposed to find the time to write the next bestseller [again, I can dream]. Writing on its’ own is hard work – plot structure, continuity issues, believable characters, oh and a good story helps too. Take it from me though folks, writing hasn’t got a patch on what comes next – marketing, dreaded, dreaded marketing.

And why, I hear you ask, do you do this? Simple. There’s some of us, borderline idiots mostly [speaking only for myself] who were born to write. I’m a storyteller, it’s not what I do it’s who I am. So no matter how much hard work I have to put in I’ll keep doing it because the voices in my head won’t let me stop [not really schizophrenic].

Today’s Guest Blogger : Tracey Alley – Indie Author

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The Indie Route
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  • 17/06/2011 at 9:59 pm

    Keep listening to those voices in your head Tracey and write your heart out. :))

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