idiotThe time has come for me to make a crucial life decision. Currently I am a part-time Idiot and a part-time member of the exploited world of human resources, human capital and the workforce forced. I am also at an age when that nasty word, semi-retirement, raises its ugly head and makes you start to consider very ugly subjects like crochet, bridge, bingo and your next doctor’s appointment.

So with reckless and gay abandon, which I might say I am very good at, I have decided to fully exploit the physical limitations of my sofa, and fully dedicate my backside and mind to the task of becoming a full-time and professional Idiot and horizontal writer of all things clever and hopefully, grammatically negative.

Now this new life stage will involve a lot of sacrifice. Luckily though, most of the sacrifice will have to be made by my wife, so it’s not all that onerous. I have ridden my luck thus far without her throwing me off our fourteenth floor balcony, so I am hopeful she will continue to tolerate my insanely crazy ideas and penchant for naval gazing and doing practically nothing for hours on end. I also hopes she continues to feed me during the initial start-up period of my new venture. This period of time will be indeterminate, as I hope her patience will be also.

So, onward and upward and by crickey I hope some of your are ready to buy my new book! (Well, I have to start marketing, don’t I?)

The Full Time Idiot
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