The End Of The TrollsI wrote a article on one of my other blogs Just Publishing, earlier today about the release of the Bowker Report into Self-Publishing. While I was writing, I realised that although there was a clear slowdown in new self-published titles according to the report, my thoughts were elsewhere, on a more positive slowdown.

In the last twelve months, the trolls that once inhabited Goodreads and similar social media sites have at last gone quiet. It was a terrible situation for a couple of years, as social media site owners, and especially of Goodreads, took no action at all when new self-publsihed authors were attacked, often personally and viciously by the trolls of that period. It was a shameful time, and one that I am very happy is over now. As a self-published author myself, it was a time when I thought about giving up, as it seemed that self-publishing would become, well, simply a bitching, baiting and biting fiasco.

Thankfully, there were those who took action against the morons, who for a time, destroyed the aspirations of many new authors.

Good riddance!

The End Of The Trolls
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