Far too long ago to find the original article I read, but here goes with paraphrasing a little bit of healthy diet advice from the me, the king of healthy living.

The simple idea in this long lost article was that the act of actually enjoying the time you spend cooking your food prepared your body’s digestive system correctly, and by this process ensured that the food you eat is digested correctly and therefore does not induce weight gain. The acids and digestive organs are alerted by the cooking process, and when you eat, your digestive system is at the top of its game. The same result was found from aperitif. Something to alert your body that food was coming in an hour or so.

Yes, I hear you say that this is a very broad and generalised theory and takes no account of DNA, disposition or genetics. But in a broad sense I believe it to be true. Take Italians for example. Pasta really should be fattening shouldn’t it? French fine cuisine. So heavy on butter and cream, the French should all be 300 lbs! But no.

Where I live in Switzerland, obesity is a rarity. This is not surprising as most Swiss take a great deal of interest in food and cooking. Markets of fresh products abound, and people are very choosy about what they buy. This is similar in most European countries. And of course, fast food per say, hardly exists.

So my health argument is this. It is not necessarily the fast food that leads to obesity. It is that the body does not have the opportunity to prepare itself before you eat it. Therefore, it doesn’t digest correctly and the fats reside in your body.

Give your digestive system a chance. Just look at that Big Mac, and savour it for an hour before you eat it.

The Dietary Dictate By Derek
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