I am not going to mention any names here, but paying for your mistress’s flat, your Havana cigar habit, your girl friend’s jewellery and dining on champagne and caviar from the public purse proves that democracy is as corrupt as any ‘ocracy’ or ‘ism.

We are so easily fooled every time we are asked to vote and choose between one, two or possibly three equally lying and corrupt career politicians who in fact all belong to the same venal club. The ruling elite. Really is there any difference between the old Rhodesia under Ian Smith or the newer Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe? Think about it? What has really changed?

While our current bunch of world leaders generally give an outward veneer of respectability, you do not have to scratch too deep to find greed, sleaze, pay-offs and half, if not full untruths. Freedom, liberty, human rights, equality and truth are all very negotiable and malleable principles for the ‘haut monde’ who still hold dear to the belief that war is still a honourable political tool.

Whether it be Middle East peace, African education, third world poverty, global warming, unchecked industrial pollution or torture and human trafficking, all ‘political lip service’ causes are continually swept aside as there is truly no real political motivation for real action.

The only action you ever see is when something goes astray with the one and only political reality. The economy. Or more precisely, the money that belongs to the ruling elite. If you want to fully understand politics, follow the money trail and forget any fruitless hopes you may have or have had about political fairness or ethical behaviour. It will never, never happen.

The Democracy Gravy Train
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One thought on “The Democracy Gravy Train

  • 24/07/2010 at 7:50 am

    I'll take Democracy over any other "ocracy" any day! Of course there will always be corrupt politicians. I don't think that anyone is fooled by the conception of dishonest politicians. It's a joke. We just vote for the candidate that best conforms to our beliefs and then wait and see… On the issue of ethics and morals, I do not judge nor do I care what others do as far as their personal life. As long as their behavior does not interfere with the governing of the country. That is where separation of church and state come into play. Power, greed and money make good bedfellows. In the end everyone has their equal share of happiness and torment… Each administration is left to clean up the mess that the last left behind, and then take the blame. Everyone wants a quick fix but no one wants to sacrifice.
    Personally, I vote for the candidate rather than just my party… There are phonies, fakes, and frauds in all walks of life, just as there are movers and shakers with good intentions that lead to great achievements. There are kind souls who donate to charities anonymously etc. people who really make a difference.
    There are many great political figures of past and present as well.
    On the topic of the economy, you can kill your next door neighbor, but don't mess with the government.
    Charity, peace, and morals begin at home, literally and individually.
    I thank God that I live in a country where freedom is a my right, and freedom does not come without cost.
    I thank our men and women in uniform for their service.
    Our world is not a perfect one, nor are those who govern it, but we have come a long way in many aspects. Hopefully, we will continue to move forward and address and attack those horrible crimes against humanity, hunger, and many other issues.
    Until then, we should count our blessings and do whatever we can to make this world a better place. No matter how large or small the contribution, every little bit helps and everyone counts.

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