Ten Years After

It’s now ten years since I wrote and recorded this song, No Smiles, Big Tits, while living in Jerusalem during the second Intifada in 2001. As I was living on the Arab side, but within walking distance of the Jewish side of the city, I believe I gained a true insight into the conflict during my ten months or so there. I witnessed events that would make you laugh, weep, scream and other events that would shock and horrify.

While we all are desensitised to the reports we still unfortunately see daily on our news bulletins from the Middle East region, one thing that hasn’t changed is the lack of recognition of what women living there are suffering and how brave they are in the face of continuing conflict. My admiration for them has not wavered, as still today they fight in their own way for a just future for their children.

Yes, I could’ve penned something more tasteful, more tactful or even more polite, but then that just wouldn’t have been an honest way of telling my story of how I felt then, and still do now. That women of all races and creeds in the region simply want peace.

So yes, some may take offence at my words and images in this video, but no one should doubt my sincerity.

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