TechnologyIf I was working for the Oxford Dictionary, I would just love to make one entry. For one solitary word.

tech·nol·o·gy /tekˈnäləjē/ noun – Something that doesn’t quite work as yet. 

No matter what form of technology one can imagine, there is always the ‘new but annoying’ factor that removes one’s sense of enjoyment from the product. Case in point was my perfectly functioning iPhone that after updating to a new software version recently has now decided that its battery life is only half of what it was before. This was after upgrading the operating system on my Macbook that decided wi-fi connection was an optional and very on and off affair.

Now I am confronted with replacing my cable TV set top box. Oh goodie, I can watch videos from my computer on my TV and use it as a telephone. Terrific. Well, that is if I only call land line telephones, and who has one of those anymore? Mobile phones seem a little advanced technology for this new technology to manage. Oh, and videos. Yes, I can watch videos from my computer if I take a masters degree in computer science and figure out how it install a ‘Dedicated UPnP Media Server’ on my computer and then get my set top box to talk to it. When I figure out what this is I might try.

Without scribbling out a long list of whinges and moans here, my point is that with every advance we make with technology, it seems we are now totally attuned to suffering the bugs and ‘will be fixed in a forthcoming update’ mentality of technology providers. Nothing has changed in the years since we first became used to Microsoft’s Service Packs in the mid nineties. A wonderful way to put an incomplete and ‘not quite working yet’ bit of technology into the market with a means of fixing it all later. Perhaps. After customers have suffered all the bugs in the incomplete product for months.

If technology providers and suppliers sold cars, they’s be killing customers by the 1,000s.

‘Ooops. Yes, sorry. The brakes don’t work and the accelerator pedal does jam at high speed, but we will fix these small problems with a forthcoming update.’

Technology: What Is It?
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  • 13/11/2011 at 4:09 pm

    Bring back wind up clocks, steam radio and hand-cranked party line phone systems say I. lol :D

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