So who thought Toblerones were only chocolate? Wrong. Well, not entirely as of course you can buy Toblerone chocolate anywhere in the world. But The Toblerone Line is actually something completely different. Although named after the famous chocolate shaped as a representation of The Matterhorn, they are in fact a long line of massive concrete blocks in the now familiar chocolate shape that formed Switzerland’s western anti-tank defence, The Toblerone Line, in World War Two.



Just behind the Toblerone line, which is located between the villages of Prangins and  Gland, there are two very odd buildings. The Villa Rose and the Villa Verte. Odd because at first glance they look like very typical houses of the district. It is only on closer inspection that you notice that the doors and windows are actually painted on the exterior walls. The two houses were in fact armed bunkers equipped with anti-tank guns.

Nowadays, it is a relaxing ten kilometre walk through beautiful forests, and the villa bunkers are used for educational tours and functions.

Tank Stopping Toblerones
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