Searching Watching the city crowds hustling by, All rush and scurry, frowns and sighs. Busily filling their days with moans, I wonder how many spend their nights all alone. The crowds I watch and study with wonder, All over the world have left me to ponder. How much loneliness want and despair, Is hidden in crowds, and how many care. Only the lonely know the cold of the air, Without the warmth of someone who cares. The feeling of oneness, alone on your own, The waiting for the seed of love to be sown. The sight through the crowd of young lovers embraced, To sense the warmth with which they

Egotistical Creep With A Keyboard


The only problem with deciding to blog to keep up my writing discipline is that once given the power to be an egotistical prick and preach from the high and mighty pedestal of a blog, it’s hard to go back to any other form of writing. When I look back at some of my posts I really have to wonder where the hell I was coming from and on what sort or ‘I’m smarter than anyone else’ drugs I was on. Now approaching six hundred posts, it seems that I’m addicted to this wielding of the sword of opinionated thinking and blind bias. Luckily though, I have a great bunch

The Online Writer


Being a writer nowadays is so linked to the Internet that there is no way of escaping the need to be at least a little ‘tech’ savvy. With ebooks becoming so popular in such a short space of time, writers need to come to grips with new technologies and their application and how these interact with readers. At the same time, these technologies have opened the floodgates for so many writers and ‘wanna be writers’ that it is becoming far more difficult to be noticed in the deluge of books being published. Now unless you are a very well known and established author, generating enough sales to make a living

I Think I Might Destroy The World

Destroy Earth

In my last two books, HAL and February The Fifth, I’ve been toying with the absolute silliness of our human existence. Little tribes separated by thin red lines on a map and all getting seriously upset in our little patches of Earth because those guys on the other side of the thin red lines worship a different God or speak a language we don’t understand. Even more upset if they are a different colour and eat different food. Perhaps they wear silly hats that we don’t like. One way or another, we in our little tribes of human existence specialise in disliking each other with immense and warlike passion. Kill first, ask questions