What And Who I Read

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As all writers do, I read a lot. So I thought it might be an insight for readers of my blog to know who I read and why. Perhaps another day I’ll post a list of the books and authors I read, but today I’ll give you a taste of the blogs I read regularly, if not daily. So here we go with an insight into my daily reading. Have We Had Help: I have to place my good mate Jack Eason at the head of my list. Not only do we both share a southern hemisphere upbringing, but we also share a love for science fiction. Not only this,

Stylish Blogger Award

Derek Haines the Vandal

Now I have to tell you that I was totally shocked yesterday. Jody Ruth very kindly nominated me for … wait for this …. The Stylish Blogger Award ! Anyone who knows me would immediately grasp the shock value here as the word ‘stylish’ is definitely one that has never ever been associated with my name – until today. Slobbish, slothish, sloppy and scruffy have always been the usual fare. Anyway, according to Jody, the rules that go with this surprising nomination are as follows: Rules for the Stylish Blogger Awards Thank and link to the person who nominated you. Jody, you’re a darlin’ ! Thank you!! Share seven random facts