Twitter Spamming And Selling Books

Twitter Spamming And Selling Books

Does Twitter spamming sell books? It’s no secret that spamming is a real no-no on social media and totally frowned upon. Then again, Then again, pop-ups on web pages are an absolute pain in the neck as well, but most marketing gurus say they work exceptionally well. Email campaigns usually end up in 1,000’s of junk email inboxes but they continue to be sent out in the billions every day. The problem is, that these techniques work when it comes to getting noticed, building an audience, and selling products, no matter how frowned upon they are. While I don’t use pop-ups or bulk email because I just find them totally obnoxious,

Spammers – The Bane Of Blogging


Like most bloggers, I have protection in place to try and combat spammers who go to extraordinary lengths to post comments with the most insidious links. Unfortunately, even with three layers of protection in place, they can still get through. It is a daily routine for me to check comments on my blog for these Internet low life, and almost every day I have to delete a comment or two that has slipped through my layers of protection. However, the protection I do have in place works reasonably well. Before writing this post, I checked my spam comment statistics. Just in the last three months, 22,104 spam comments were caught

The New Rude And Aggressive Author

Rude Author

Self publishing has been a wonderful new adventure for many authors and has given the opportunity to circumvent the query and literary agent quagmire and connect directly with readers. Done well, it works superbly and is the future of publishing. However, there are those who are always ready to ruin a good thing. Everyday I receive a bundle of emails and messages from either naive, ignorant or just plain dumb authors. The messages always start the same. ‘I’ve seen you have written a lot of books and I want to find out more about them, but I have a new book blah, blah, blah that I’d love you to read.’

Virtual Events – The Latest Pain


Everyday without fail, I receive at least one hundred invitations to virtual events on Goodreads and Facebook. A virtual event? What the hell is a virtual event? You either have one or you don’t. Then there is the fact that I’m very comfortable on my old sofa, sipping my glass of red, and don’t feel at all like moving my butt to an event of any description. Well, unless there is a possibility of free booze and nibbly things. The thought of ‘virtual’ free drinks and snacks hardly rates talking about. So frequent are these invitations now that I am going to add them to my list of pain in