An Independent Handicap

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While much has been written about independent book publishing and online retailing, one factor remains as an enormous handicap for self-publishing authors. It is cost of postage and shipping of books. As with all things internet, an author’s potential market is international. Online retailers are useful in this regard, but what of an author’s own marketing and delivery? As an individual author it is not possible to obtain the competitive shipping rates of volume suppliers such as the major publishers. So authors spend a lot of time at the post office. Shelling out a lot of money. No matter where you live, self-publishing services are based in the US predominantly.

Those Nasty Red Lines


If you watch television news for too long, you would come to the conclusion that we live in a marvellous new global economy. Full of wondrous and simply magnificent borderless trade and opportunities for all. The internet also gives us this feeling of borderless communication, and above all. Shopping! Don’t you just love wandering the virtual aisles of online stores and finding treasures beyond belief. Sports memorabilia from Tibet. Ice picks at a very cheap price from Morocco. Purified air in a sealed glass jar from Mexico City. Real kangaroo leather wallets from Mumbai. Spices and cooking utensils from Sydney. And of course there are book, books, books and CDs,