Testosterone Free

Wolf Whistle

One of the great bonuses about being a man and getting on a bit is that as the years go by, so does the testosterone. Now you might think that this is a bit of a tragedy and I should be crying in my onion soup, but no. It’s really a godsend as there are so many facets of life that are driven by this insidious chemical that I am now free to do as I please. And economise at the same time. No longer do I have to waste money on high powered red super cars with thumping V8 motors and scream tyres around every corner. Now free from the urge

Sex, Politics and Religion

Taboo Topics

As a child I was always reminded of the social etiquette that there were taboo subjects at the dinner table. The big three of course were sex, politics and religion. Little has changed in my mind except that my dinner table has been replaced by my blog where I try to set the same rules. I must admit though that I have transgressed the polite social line on a few occasions. When I have wandered over the line, I am immediately reminded of my folly in breaking the manners associated with polite conversation by being thumped by very vocal commenters. These three taboo subjects are probably taboo because they offer the instant possibility of

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

At age four, many things can be confusing. My first recollection of total confusion occurred behind the kindergarten I attended. I had been playing in the sand pit, and being a country boy, saw no need to make the journey indoors, when all I needed was a pee. The back fence seemed a far more convenient place. Mid way through the exercise, I noticed a co-attendee standing at my side. I immediately established that she was a girl because she had a dress on. She pointed as only young children can do, and asked ‘What’s that?” I was at a loss as to how to respond to such a stupid