Nineteen Roses

Nineteen Roses

Nineteen Roses  Nineteen roses we planted with care, To bloom in front of our dream. We worked as a team, to plant red, yellow and cream, And nurtured them through their first year. Daily we checked on their health and their needs, And sprayed and pruned and fed. Watered and weeded, and cut blooms as we needed, To fill our home with colour and scent. To both of us then, such a short time ago, They were our pride and our labour of joy. We would look out each morning, at the river performing, Its sparkling dance, behind our roses in row. Do you remember that time? When we smiled.

Dead Men by Derek Haines

dead men by derek haines

Book Review by Mary Crocco of Dead Men by Derek Haines This is a story about the hell of divorce from the point of view of three men. They are angry, bitter, depressed, and lonely. They have lost their jobs, homes, and their children. Any money they eventually earn goes to child-support. They feel the Family Court favors women and they try to beat the system. These men did not exactly grow up in nurturing homes, which definitely adds to their outlooks on life. Within a few months, divorce turned three men into confused and bored women haters. David and Tony’s wives discarded them, both had cheated on them. Steve

Grieving. The forgotten emotion in separation.

Dead Men By Derek Haines

It took me some time to decide to publish my last book, Dead Men. In fact I wrote it more than ten years ago, and in essence it was a cathartic exercise during a very difficult time for me. What came from the process was the realisation that men and women suffer from tremendous grief during and after separation, and our society offers very little recognition or help in working though this complex physiological state. After a death, grief is a natural and well understood state that takes time to manage and heal with compassion and caring. But this same reaction, mixed with the guilt, bitterness, anxiety and anger of