Buy My Book – Or Else?

Pussy Cat

The last few days has seen some very funny and very sad attempts by a number of authors who have tried to convince me to buy their books. From the lazy and repetitive to the imaginative and then to some who really need a course in basic human reactions to people making a complete idiot of themselves. Here’s a classic example of the slothically lazy book marketer on Twitter who either can’t read the instructions or just can’t be bothered at all as surely everyone will just be racing to buy my book.. ‘Check out my book – ‘XXXX’ – on #BookBuzzr -http://tc/uYr5DG’ Now this is really going to attract my interest

Guaranteed Success And Buckets Of Cash!


How many times do I read how easy it is to work from home and make money, get rich, make cash and retire, all while sitting on your sofa while watching TV. It constantly amazes me how ‘Get Rich Schemes’ never go out of fashion. Affiliate marketing, Social Leveraging, SEO Traffic, Webspace Advertising but sadly no encyclopaedias, insurance or vacuum cleaners. The products have changed, the door is no longer wedged open by a trained size 12 shoe, but the aim is the same. Today’s door to door salesmen and women have it so easy. No traipsing around wearing out shoe leather and knuckles bruised from knocking on countless doors