Canine Translation Dictionary

Sleeping Dog

As many of my readers already know, my assistant, editor, ideas man and general factotum around my little writing abode is Yalla, my English Cocker Spaniel and man about town and cafés. While his job description remains a little vague, it does seem that sleeping forms a major part of his work day. Perhaps all those ideas he has to digest from me tire him out. As working mates, we have a great professional and personal relationship but from time to time we still suffer the odd communication breakdown. Languages here in Switzerland are so diverse that we hardly notice the fun and games that go along with not understanding

A Dog’s Tale


A dog may not be able to talk, but boy do they have the power of thought, reasoning and an uncanny ability to negotiate successfully. I am the proud owner of an 18 month old English Cocker Spaniel, who is a master of cunning, manipulation and generally getting what he wants. Being a spaniel though, almost all of his logic, decisions and observations are made via his nose. This makes for some interesting views on his part about the world around him. As you can see from his eyes, he is also very determined and has a way of making sure his wants are noticed. So come for a short

I Know Why Real Writers Have Cats

Cocker spaniel puppy

So it is clear that I have to make a sad admission. I can’t be a real writer at all as I chose to have a dog as a pet. Ignoring all the best advice and forgetting the history of association with cats and writers, I went headlong into my pet project and Yalla the exuberant cocker spaniel puppy entered my life last summer. Now there was of course the initial ‘honeymoon’ period in our relationship and an ‘all is forgiven’ period that followed as little Yalla was clearly trying his very best to fit in with my quiet and concentrated writer lifestyle. I even happily pleaded forgiveness for him

Do I Need A Pet?


Since I started my new career as an Author, Songwriter, Poet and Idiot and being never too old to rock and roll and vandalise words and music, I have noticed that I spend a lot of time alone. Now this is good in a lot of respects. I need time to think, concentrate, imagine, create and generally be as lazy as possible. With no one around most of the time to tell me to get off the sofa and get some exercise, I don’t. At least in summer I sit on café terraces and watch the world go by. Walking from one terrace to another is good exercise I think.