A Monologue – Of Memories

A Monologue – Of Memories

  My memory of Barry Humphries Barry Humphries has always inspired me. Better known to many all around the world as Dame Edna Everidge, it is the other talents of Humphries that I have most admired. Writer, actor and teller of tales. I wrote the following piece based on the style and my memory of a monologue I once heard him deliver in a one-man show many, many moons ago.  A Monologue – Of Memories As electric toasters go, it was a classic. All Australian mined metal and made by Aussies in blue overalls somewhere near Glebe probably. Weren’t they were the days? When Aussies made stuff for Aussies and played

Getting On Sucks

Old Age Sucks

As one who is entering the so called ‘Autumn Years’, I have to tell you that it really is a pain. To be precise, it’s a pain everywhere. Legs, back, joints and probably reflected equally in my painfully grumpy attitude at times. My agenda is starting to fill with far too regular appointments with doctors, and far too few long drunken lunches complete with ribald conversation. The other painful part of the ageing process is the all too frequent ………… now what was I going to say here? Oh yes. The far too frequent lapses of short term memory and inability to concentrate on two things at the same time. Even

Deep Purple and the Geriatric Generation


Oh dear. What a difference a short forty years can make. Last evening my wife and I went along quite excitedly to get our dose of rock nostalgia and ear ringing. What could be better than Deep Purple live (well almost in fact) in concert? Smoke on the Water, Space Trucking and Woman from Tokyo. Just a few of the songs I was looking forward to hear live again. Albeit, to be performed by the now very old and grey haired gentlemen who are the remains of Deep Purple. Well, I got the songs alright, but I really must have blasted my eardrums in my youth, as I couldn’t hear

There’s My Wallet. In The Freezer!


The older one gets, the wiser one gets, as the saying goes. Well, this may be true for some, but personally I go by the motto that as every day goes by, one million of my brain cells go missing. I have a theory that they are escaping through my ears, but I haven’t been able to prove this as yet. The other theory I have is that my most enjoyable but probably unhealthy lifestyle in my younger days may have taken its toll. It’s is easy with hindsight to know that I did some terrible things to my brain and body during those years, but I reacted as quickly