Have You Met HAL ?

The Adventures of Hal

Have you noticed that when you meet someone for the first time, your immediate reaction is to make an instant like or dislike decision? This is how it felt for me when I met HAL. Albeit that he was English, extremely tall, clumsy and had a serious allergic problem, he just seemed like a nice young man. From the moment he entered my mind, I couldn’t help but like him. Now it’s worth noting that although a likeable young fellow, he does have a nose for trouble. That is, he can’t seem to keep his nose out of it. From the moment he left the grey shores of England for

Turdling Hurdles And Other Tasty Delights

Exotic food

 While endeavouring to become a rich and famous science fiction writer with my new book ‘February The Fifth’, it seems my penchant for gastronomy is hindering progress. Although I am honoured that so many readers have commented on some of the tempting meals mentioned in the book, it shouldn’t be forgotten that I do mention a lot of sci-fi stuff too. You know, planets, space ships and even creatures with multiple appendages. Alas however, I suppose I should accept the culinary critiques in good spirit and get on with writing a recipe book next. Would you like the recipes for the following tempting fare from February The Fifth? No one

Milo Moon To See The Sun Soon

milo moon

My last few months have been almost totally occupied by my new friend Milo Moon. Well, I suppose friend is taking it too far, as he is the main character in my new book. But such has been my focus, I feel he has been on my shoulder now for a very long time. Although ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’, I think I will be happy to set him set free now and leave him to his own devices. Within the coming days, Milo Moon will be released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as in an e-book form on Kindle, Apple iBooks and Smashwords. The book will

Milo Moon by Derek Haines

Milo Moon by Derek Haines

Milo Moon It all ended after World War Two. Or so it was thought. While medical and physiological experimentation on humans was repugnant and against all sensibilities, it remained valuable and above all highly profitable. Just simply believing something had gone away was good enough for most. Not for Milo Moon and Mary Seaton, who became proof of an international conspiracy to hide the truth. Simple and childish they may have been, but they held a history in their beings that was a threat to international political stability. For the Swiss government faced with such a discovery on their soil, the art of politics necessitated compromise and calculation to find