A Monologue – Of Memories

A Monologue – Of Memories

  My memory of Barry Humphries Barry Humphries has always inspired me. Better known to many all around the world as Dame Edna Everidge, it is the other talents of Humphries that I have most admired. Writer, actor and teller of tales. I wrote the following piece based on the style and my memory of a monologue I once heard him deliver in a one-man show many, many moons ago.  A Monologue – Of Memories As electric toasters go, it was a classic. All Australian mined metal and made by Aussies in blue overalls somewhere near Glebe probably. Weren’t they were the days? When Aussies made stuff for Aussies and played

It Was 20 Years Ago Today – No Hold On


We all know the line, ‘It was twenty years ago today that Sgt Pepper taught the band to play.’ But goodness me doesn’t time fly. So much so that I just did some mental arithmetic and believe the song should now start with ‘It was sixty-five years ago today…..’ Perhaps I should have noticed this last year and I could have merrily written about ‘When I’m sixty-four’. At the time Sgt. Pepper’s was released, there was the ‘Paul is dead’ story flying around and the cover art of the album along with that of Abbey Road as well added fuel to the fire. However, forty-five years after the release of

Fond Memories by Doyle

Doyle 1

One of my favourite painters is d’Arcy Dolye. While I like many artists, Doyle captures the essence of my youth in country Australia in his paintings and reminds me of so many wonderful memories. Enough said. So I hope you enjoy his art as much as I do.

9/11 – The Day We Missed


Reading today that it will be ten years since that horrific day – 9/11 2001, made me recall the events that happened to me at the time. Oddly enough, I had been in the US on holiday and my flight left on September 10th 2001 out of Atlanta. I had spent two weeks or so on vacation after living in Jerusalem, and was heading for Geneva to meet up with my wife, as she had had to stay a while longer in Jerusalem to finish up her assignment. So I took my flight and happily flew off to Switzerland, met up with my wife and we spent the first afternoon